A B O U T   M I C H E L L E

I have three kids. I run a very busy business. Between our three boys, there's practice six days a week and games three days a week. Busy is not just a word I throw around. We are in the trenches and working hard to be grateful at each in-between juncture.

Sometimes I'm sporting full make-up and curls from a fancy wand. And sometimes it's sunglasses and a hat for the win. Behind my accomplishments as a mother and wife are my accomplishments as a professional photographer and industry mentor. Never in the opposite order.

I'm honored to have been published in print on over 200 occasions. Read the official Press List here. I've been shooting professionally for 10 years and coaching other creative entrepreneurs since 2013. I've authored three eBooks for industry professionals and have an active store for artists with over 50 hand-crafted digital download products. My most popular eBook, The unPacked Catalogue has sold over 2,000 copies spanning almost 30 countries. I've been shooting Boutique School Photography for over 10 years and I'm grateful to have served more than 10,000 students during this time.

My goal is to always exceed expectations.